Business Disruption at “OMG Agorà” Milan

How “disruption” creates innovation and business


The media sociologist Tatiana Bazzichelli, expert on the contaminations between art, hacktivism and the business of social media, and curator of the transmediale Festival in Berlin, was guest of the last meeting “OMG Agora” – program of conferences organized in Milan by the OMG (Omnicom Media) Group for their customers (June 13, 2013).

During the meeting, dedicated to the discovery of mutual interference and critical analysis of the practices of networking through the concept of business disruption, the networker has presented the model “Disruptive Loop Diagram” showing how from perturbation can arise innovation. Disruption is therefore a creative moment, a strategy and methodology to generate new approaches and forms of business, and to investigate possible new network markets .
Tatiana Bazzichelli traced the rise of digital culture, the critical practices of hacking and net art, and a constellation of social networking projects that use the strategy of “disruption” to imagine new configurations of business. Artists and hackers are in fact often active agents of market innovation, using strategies of networking in the field of social media by generating often unexpected feedbacks.

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