Interrupção em Rede: Speaking about Networked Disrpution at USP – São Paulo University

Interrupção em Rede: Repensando Oposições em Arte, Hacktivismo e Negócios da Rede Social

Following the aim to connect together institutions, artists and researchers within the contemporary media culture scenario, in the time-frame 11th May – 3rd June, 2013, Tatiana Bazzichelli traveled to Brazil to get in contact with local and translocal projects, events and institutions working critically with art, technology, politics and identity. The main destinations were: the city of Rio de Janeiro and the city of São Paulo. The travel combined the visit of independent art spaces, meeting with artists, curators and cultural producers and a series of lectures dedicated to Bazzichelli’s field of research and curatorial activity.The video above (Language: Italian and Portuguese) is the documentation of the talk “Networked Disruption”: Arte e hacktivismo em debate: at the São Paulo University /USP: Universidade de São Paulo, within the seminar: SincretiKa Digital & ECA: Subjetividade ubíqua entre cultura digital e metrópole comunicacional (organized and moderated by Prof. Massimo Canevacci), which took place on 23.05.13.

The day after, the book “Networked Disruption” was also presented by Tatiana Bazzichelli at the CED – Centro de Estudos do Corpo, Pontificial Catholic University of São Paulo (Media Body Research Group). With Prof. Helena Katz (arranged by performance artist and researcher Sheila Ribeiro).